At Roger Dunning’s bar, beer flows from kegs stored chilly by a fridge in the subsequent lodge and propelled by CO2 strain. Apart from the fridge, the system came as a equipment that price about $300. After using (and loving) his system for a few years, Roger has this recommendation: Throughout the renovation of a […]

After you’ve reached your long for finishes on both the barfront and bartop, busy the desired number of coats of acrylic perspicuous to shield your finishes. Once more, we commend at least two with gentle sanding in between In my case, I had to connect a unusual 3/16 island vague stable metal plate to the […]

Apply glue to the entrance edge of a aspect panel. Set it upright, butt it into the entrance panel, and clamp the items collectively. Mark a line along the entrance panel to assist you middle your screws into the incite of the aspect panel’s framing. Drill pilot holes and drive 3-inch distort one at a […]